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Bull Penny Picks only covers the hot penny stocks. (These picks were between April 2014 - August 2014)

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The segment of the market has been very poorly covered by Wall Street, and that’s why we’re here.

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Bull Penny Picks delivers the top penny stocks to watch and best stocks to buy, outperforming the markets, and crushing the gurus.

We set ourselves apart from the rest because we deliver the best penny stocks to watch, offer high quality penny stock picks and the best stocks to buy. If you are looking for a free penny stock newsletter that delivers hot penny stocks and big gains for its members, you have reached your destination.

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Until now, investors have been at the mercy of manipulators, liars, cheats, scammers and Wall Street corrupt ideals. Bull Penny Picks goal is to give our members a level playing field by giving them the information they need to make an informed investment decision, before the masses.
Its as simple as identifying the right penny stocks to watch and the best stocks to buy that:
  • Have good fundamentals and is undiscovered by the market
  • Have a lot of momentum with a lot of buyers interest
  • Have a catalyst to propel it higher, such as earnings release or important news event
  • Are being profiled by a stock promoter, which in turn has generated a lot of buzz behind the stock
While most stock newsletters either charge a monthly subscription or get paid in shares to profile a company, we just give you the best penny stocks to watch, day in day out. It doesn’t matter to us who discovered the pick first, or who is getting paid to promote it, if it’s a stock that we think can move big, we’ll alert it…