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Bull Penny Picks delivers the top penny stocks to watch and best stocks to buy, outperforming the markets, and crushing the gurus.

Bull Penny Picks is the undisputed king of hot penny stocks.

We set ourselves apart from the rest because we deliver the best penny stocks to watch, offer high quality penny stock picks and the best stocks to buy. If you are looking for a free penny stock newsletter that delivers hot penny stocks and big gains for its members, you have reached your destination.

What sets us apart from the hundreds of other stock newsletters? Well first, we deliver. Just look at some of our biggest winners on the right, all coming from our penny stocks to watch list. There are not many newsletters that deliver these kinds of returns consistently like we do.

Its as simple as identifying the right penny stocks to watch and the best stocks to buy that:

  • Have good fundamentals and is undiscovered by the market
  • Have a lot of momentum with a lot of buyers interest
  • Have a catalyst to propel it higher, such as earnings release or important news event
  • Are being profiled by a stock promoter, which in turn has generated a lot of buzz behind the stock

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Why Choose the Bull

We are the Most Exclusive Penny Stock Trading Club

Now what do we mean by Penny Stocks? There are different definitions, but we generally refer to them as stocks under $5, listed on the AMEX, NASDAQ, OTCBB and Pink Sheets exchanges. This isn’t a hard and fast rule. If we see a $6 stock listed on the NYSE that we think could double, we are definitely going to tell you about it!
It can be all too difficult for individual investors and traders to determine which stocks are the right ones to buy, that’s why over 30,000 people turn to us. We analyze the fundamentals and charts of hundreds of penny stocks every night, scan news feeds, read SEC filings, monitor chat rooms, message boards and finance forums, and subscribe to other “good” stock promoters, all to find the best penny stocks for our members to invest in or trade.
When we find a stock that meets our criteria for members to profit, we send out an email alert and tweet immediately, so our members can get into a hot penny stock pick before the crowd. Because of this, our members buy at a low price, and are able to seller at a much higher price when the market finally starts piling in to the stock.

That’s why you only need to subscribe to the Bull Penny Picks for the top penny stocks to watch and best stocks to buy today.

In addition, we spend hours every night scanning the market, looking at company fundamentals, chart analysis, reading news headlines and press releases and looking at what others are doing, all to bring you the best possible penny stocks to buy.

You see, trading and investing in penny stocks can be a risky business, but a very profitable one. There are no “secret formulas” to success like other penny stock newsletters will try to sell you.